Final Fantasy XIII-2 PAX 2011 (Moogle, pink hair, sparkles) trailer rulez

Before opening hands-on time with Final Fantasy XIII-2 to PAX attendees, Square Enix unveiled a new trailer mixing cinematic elements, exploration, and combat. We shall call it the Final Fantasy XIII-2 PAX 2011 trailer. We watched all two minutes and change of it and aren’t any close to figuring out what happened to XIII’s protagonist, Lighting, but we’re confident her younger sister Serah will find her soon enough – obviously Serah won’t be able to deal with a creature as powerful as Atlas with just her ridiculously constructed Moogle crossbow.

As far as we know, this is the first FF trailer to ever show the main character trip and fall. It’s hardly an encouraging sign, but maybe through the course of the game Serah will discover that she’s stronger than she thinks. Then again, maybe she won’t. Final Fantasy XIII-2 launches next January for PS3 and 360.

Aug 26, 2011

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