New SSX trailer reintroduces us to Zoe

EA continues to reveal new additions to the SSX roster with this short, animated, comic-based vignette for veteran Zoe Payne. The strip details Zoe’s history in motorcross, to which she’s apparently returned over the series’ hiatus – all of which happens entirely “off the page,” as it were, so it’s up to you to work out what impact it has on the character’s in-game performance. Both seem like fairly long-con means of achieving Zoe’s stated aims of defying reality and owning the planet, but then, what would we know?

Bif Naked, voice-actor for Zoe in earlier SSX games, mentioned in May that she hadn’t signed on to return for the reboot. However, with a year to go until the title’s release, there’s still plenty of time for that reality to be defied. Most of the game’s roster has been revealed by now, so perhaps EA will get around to showing some gameplay one of these days.

Aug 29, 2011

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