Fear The Walking Dead teaser promises a zombie chase

AMC has rolled out a teaser clip for its Walking Dead companion series, Fear The Walking Dead. The show is designed to act as a precursor to the events which befall Rick Grimes and his band of survivors, taking place right as the zombie apocalypse begins on the other side of the country in sunny California. Still, the clement weather won’t stop hordes of the undead from pursuing sustenance.

From what we know so far, the story will revolve around a group of people based in Los Angeles whose lives change when the dead start to walk. The cast includes Kim Dickens leads as high school guidance counsellor Madison, Cliff Curtis as a divorced teacher named Travis, with Alycia Debnam Carey and Travis Dillane as Madison’s children Alicia and Nick. And it’s the latter who takes centre stage in this first clip, seen sprinting through side streets and back alleys trying to shake off his pursuer. Zombies, perhaps? Check it out below:

Suitably creepy stuff, with the implied herd of flesh-eaters just out of shot. It would have been pleasing to see at least one walker bumbling around in the background, but this sets the tone for what appears to be a rather frantic scenario in the premiere. With the six-episode season set to debut in August, we can expect more teasers and hopefully a full-length trailer in the coming weeks.

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