Dredd releases another batch of images

Dredd has released a new collection of stills, featuring Karl Urban looking very badass indeed as the titular law enforcer.

The new images look extremely gritty and dark of hue, supporting what Lena Headey was saying yesterday about the world of the film being, “so dirty and dark”. Seems as though Mega-City One isn’t exactly brimming with desirable housing…

As in the initial images released last year, Urban certainly looks the part as the granite-jawed Dredd, while his fellow Judges looks pretty mean as well. Indeed, Urban could have some competition in the jawline stakes, with Langly Kirkwood’s Judge Lex looking similarly hard as nails.

The film will see Dredd going up against the fiendish Madeleine Madrigal (Headey), better known as Ma-Ma, as she and her terrorist organisation flood Mega-City One with the powerful reality-altering drug, Slo-Mo.

Directed by Pete Travis, Dredd will open in the UK on 7 September 2012. Now, how about that trailer, eh? Eh?

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