Dishonored release date changed

Though Bethesda had previously marked Dishonored with a release date in September, they announced today that they have reconsidered, and have re-fit Dishonored with a release two weeks later on October 9.

The speculation right now is that the release date was reconsidered after Take-Two opted to let development continue on BioShock Infinite until February 2013. Which opened up a big hole in October for an action-RPG, especially one like Dishonored which has so often been compared to BioShock.

Who knows, maybe Bethesda thinks they can pick up a few extra sales from people feeling sad that they can’t have their BioShock Infinite in 2012. The move will also give them some extra space to stay away from the other big shooter-RPG of the season, Borderlands 2, arriving in mid-September.

Right now, rumors suggest Take-Two might be considering moving Grand Theft Auto 5 up into the October slot though, so let’s hope Dishonored didn’t dodge BioShock just to run headlong into an even bigger sales behemoth in GTA5.

“We are pleased that Dishonored has captured people’s attention,” said Vlatko Andonov, president of Bethesda Softworks. “We are looking forward to sharing lots more information about the game leading up to its launch in October, and having a hands-on build of Dishonored in our booth at E3!”

We’ll look forward to taking an updated look at the game at E3.

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