D&D co-op RPG Neverwinter delayed until 2012

Cryptic Studios has pushed back the upcoming Dungeons %26amp; Dragons game Neverwinter until late next year. The delay is due to Cryptic%26rsquo;s parent company, Perfect World Entertainment, wanting to give the game more time to develop.

When we first heard of Neverwinter, back in August of 2010, Cryptic was owned by Atari, a company in the midst of a legal dispute with Hasbro over the rights to use the D%26amp;D property. Last month, the sale of Cryptic to Perfect World Entertainment (opens in new tab) was finalized, so the dispute isn%26rsquo;t the cause of the delay for Neverwinter, but will affect other Atari-owned D%26amp;D properties.

The two companies settled out of court, giving Atari the right to sell and develop a selection of games with the D%26amp;D license, including the recently released action-RPG Daggerdale and the upcoming Facebook game Heroes of Neverwinter. Hasbro will retain all other rights to D%26amp;D license, but more details on the agreement were not revealed.

Neverwinter will allow players to select a D%26amp;D class for their hero and team up with others to take on traditional quests, but for those who would prefer to roll solo, there will be a single-player option that fills in roles with AI-controlled NPCs. We%26rsquo;re looking forward to seeing how Perfect World Entertainment deals with the D%26amp;D universe, and for more info you can check out our preview (opens in new tab).

Aug 16, 2011

Source:Industrygamers.com (opens in new tab)

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