Comic-Con 2014: Star Wars Rebels footage bows

Whether or not Comic-Con 2014 will bring any Episode VII exclusives remains to be seen, but we’ve at least had some fresh Star Wars action in the form of a Rebels sneak peek.

Three clips plus a new, Easter Egg-y trailer from the new animated TV show were shown to fans. The first clip debuted new baddie The Inquisitor – and more importantly, The Inquisitor’s double-bladed, spin-action lightsaber.

“We’re always looking for new ways to design weaponry,” explained exec producer Dave Filoni. “And that includes new lightsabers.” Filoni also promised us new Stormtroopers, too.

The second clip saw protagonists Ezra (the new Luke) and Zeb (the new Chewie) embroiled in a rooftop chase involving a stolen TIE Fighter.

Clip number three notched up the suspense as the ladies of the gang – Hera and Sabine – poked around an abandoned hanger, only to discover that they’ve got creepy-crawly company.

The new trailer, meanwhile, teased guest appearances from one or two classic-trilogy characters.

Summing up Rebels , exec producer Simon Kinberg pitched a combo of seminal Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie’s work, “the tone and essence of the original movies and then something completely different.”

He expressed pride in the ensemble of pre- New Hope freedom fighters whose efforts to elude the Empire’s galaxy-wide grip will be the show’s focus.

“The intention is for everyone, especially the next generation of Star Wars fans, to fall in love with these characters the way we fell in love with Han and Leia and Luke,” he said. “I believe they can stand alongside any of the great Star Wars characters.”

Kinberg also hinted that the characters might not be confined to cartoon land. “It would be a treat to see them in live action,” he enthused. “Certainly in the new Lucasfilm there’s a lot of synergy between the live-action side and animation.

“We’re all in conversation with each other and if the right combination happened, it’d be amazing.”

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