Ping from the Radar – A letter from the Editor

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I’m Sophia Tong, editor-in-chief of GamesRadar, and I’m extremely happy and proud to introduce you to the new site! Those who have been with us for a while will notice that GamesRadar is looking a bit different these days. This is the beginning of many exciting changes, and we hope that you’ll love it as much as we do.

Everyone at GamesRadar has been hard at work to bring you features, reviews, news, and previews in a way that’s entertaining, reliable, and timely. If you’re not really sure what we’re all about, please take a look at our introduction video below, where you’ll get to meet all of us.

I’ve been leading GR for the past five months, and boy has it been busy. (Here’s my last intro letter as a reference.) Beyond planning out a big, big 2013, I’ve also been revisiting with the team the types of content we create. We are committed to making community and social features central to the functioning of GamesRadar. Our first step is bringing comments to the forefront (literally, it’s on the front page!), and we’ll be looking at how to deliver a better forum experience to complement this. More on this in the next few months.

There are several initiatives that we’re working on for next year, and you can stay up to date with us by visiting our site often and following us on our various social channels.

We really appreciate your support and comments, and everyone here is looking forward to an exciting 2013!

Sophia Tong

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