Cars 2 viral revs online

cars 2

A funky, old-school viral video promoting Cars 2 (in a very roundabout way) has been unveiled online.

Pixar took advantage of this weekend’s WonderCon in San Francisco by parking a car outside the Moscone Centre with a Twitter address emblazoned on the vehicle’s back window.

That @ChromeLeaks account takes Tweeters to a viral website called, which contains a funny, fake advert for the Cars N’ Deals of Emeryville.

The ad was directed by Chris Cantwell, who also helmed the fake Lots-o-Huggin bear ad for Toy Story 3 last year.

Check it out below…

Could there be clever little hints at what we should expect from Cars 2 in there? The invisible spy, the car camera and the recording device all seem to be cryptic clues.

Update: By following a URL hidden in the above video, you can see a sneak peak of an action-packed scene involving Finn McMissile. Check out it out below…

Cars 2 opens 22 July.

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