50 greatest Jurassic Park moments

You think they’ll have that on the tour?

With Jurassic World (opens in new tab)finally here now seems like the perfect time to look back on the iconic, prehistoric series in all of its reptilian glory.

From clever girls to hiding beneath the kitchen sink, we’ve brought together 50 of the best moments in the Jurassic Park series to date. Though we haven’t added any of the antics of Chris Pratt and his Velociraptor squad to keep you spoiler free when you hit the cinema this weekend.

Welcome To Jurassic Park

The Moment: The tour begins with the guide-vehicles passing through the spectacular (and more than a little ominous) park gates. “What have they got in there, King Kong?” quips Malcolm, prophetically.

Dino Magic: The gates are one of the most iconic props in the movie, what with their flaming torches and massive wooden doors. Goosebumps ahoy!

Find Nedry

The Moment: When everything starts to go to shit in JP’s centre of operations, Hammond gives the order to track down portly computer whizz Dennis Nedry: “Find Nedry!” barks Hammond. “Check the vending machines!”

Dino Magic: It’s just a classic put-down from Hammond, right when the mayhem is about to kick up a gear. An action movie is nothing without spiky lines such as this one.

Wrong Number

The Moment: The Kirby family are reunited, thanks to the ringtone of a mobile phone. But hang on, where’s that ringtone coming from? Oh right, the belly of the Spinosaurus.

Dino Magic: Without doubt the stupidest moment in all three films, but an amusing one nonetheless. And the part where the Spinosaurus breaks its way through the fence is also pretty special.

T-Rex In The City

The Moment: The T-Rex is sprung from the hold of the marooned cargo ship and embarks upon a rampage through San Diego.

Dino Magic: A controversial choice for sure, particularly as it was an ending bolted on by the studio, but having a dinosaur get loose in a big city was always going to happen eventually. It could even be argued that placing the king of the dinosaurs in an urban environment is the perfect way by which to expose the folly of Hammond’s endeavours. Maybe…

Fill Your Boots

The Moment: Having been attacked by a T-Rex, sneezed on by a Brachiosaur and electrocuted by a fence, Lex and Timmy finally get to relax by tucking into the buffet at the visitors centre.

Dino Magic: The glee with which they tuck into the free desserts is a timely reminder of just how young these poor little blighters are. Then the Raptors turn up, and it’s back to business again…

Eddie’s Death

The Moment: Eddie finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place when a pair of angry Tyrannosaurs advance upon his car. This isn’t going to end well, is it chum?

Dino Magic: Sure enough, it doesn’t end well at all, as Eddie is ripped clean in two by the hungry monsters. Grisly stuff.

The Phones Are Working

The Moment: Lex’s hacking job gets the JP mainframe back up and running, with Dr. Grant giving Hammond a quick buzz to let him know. “Mr. Hammond,” he begins, “the phones are working!” Woo-hoo!

Dino Magic: Grant is in full-on action hero mode now, dropping one-liners left, right and centre. Good for him.

Marines vs. Dinos

The Moment: Joe Johnston’s Jurassic Park 3 draws to a close with Uncle Sam’s finest pitching up to take care of Isla Sorna’s scaly inhabitants.

Dino Magic: A common criticism of Jurassic Park 3 is that it ends on an anticlimactic note, but would we really want to see the dinosaurs gunned down by a troop of heavily-armed marines? There’s only ever going to be one winner in this battle, and thankfully, Johnston opts to leave the details to the viewer’s imagination…


The Moment: After the rollercoaster ride has run its course, Sam Neill gets to deliver a witty little pay-off to wrap things up nicely: “Mr Hammond,” he begins. “After careful consideration I have decided not to endorse your park.” Badoom-tish!

Dino Magic: It’s nice to see that after narrowly avoiding a hideously painful death, Dr. Grant has still got a few jokes left in the tank.

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