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The Reckoning is upon us. By now you should know exactly what you’re in for with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (opens in new tab)’s slate of DLC – of course, that’s not really a bad thing, because the heavyweight shooter series knows how to make a map pack sing with oodles of new score streaks and mid-match events to keep players guessing. Not to mention the indispensable Exo Zombies mode, which expands on CoD’s fine tradition of cheesy undead survival by giving a gaggle of semi-famous actors super-powered exoskeletons.

The Season Pass is finally complete, and you can still pick it up for $49.99/34.99 – or just pick and choose which of the four packs you want for $14.99/11.59 each. Don’t forget that the Season Pass also includes a few other bonuses such as the Atlas Gorge map, though. Click on for more details on Reckoning, Supremacy, Ascendance, and Havoc!

A final Reckoning

The end times (of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC) have arrived across all platforms. The fourth and final season pass expansion adds the standard assortment of four new maps to the game, each of which is ready to play in the high-flying Exo Grapple playlist – just like the Supremacy and Ascendance packs. Click on for more details on each of the four maps.

Meanwhile, Exo Zombies’ campaign will conclude with Descent. The four survivors find that one of their number has joined the horde of the undead, and must use the new Trident Reflected Energy Weapon to battle him and the new “fused” exo zombie enemy type in a final struggle for survival.

Reckoning DLC map: Overload

Pound the well-kept streets of downtown New Baghdad, taking advantage of long sight lines ideal for sniping and fragile plasma lamps ready to send your opponents flying.

Reckoning DLC map: Quarantine

Liberty Island’s seen better days, but at least the new mid-sized biological testing center has a sweet ship-fired missile salvo as a scorestreak.

Reckoning DLC map: Fracture

As you might expect from the name, bits of the glacier shelf will start breaking off when you’re midway through the fights. Make sure you’re not on them when they do.

Reckoning DLC map: Swarm

The streets and storefronts of Seoul make for closeup skirmishes linked by narrow, congested corridors. Don’t forget to check your corners when you’re moving through the cramped interiors at the center of the map.

Exert your Supremacy

Supremacy is here, ready to go across all platforms. While the third DLC pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare doesn’t include any new game-changing guns for competitive play, it does slot in four new multiplayer maps – complete with support for the Exo Grapple ability introduced in Single Player and first brought online in Ascendance. Click on for more details about each of the new maps.

Exo Zombies also gets its semi-climactic third episode, starring Bruce Campbell as a new zombie-slaying co-op teammate. Of course, somebody’s got to eat dirt to open that slot – but who will be the dearly departed?

Supremacy DLC map: Skyrise

Skyrise combines a great view of the Athenian Acropolis with the classic layout and mechanics of Modern Warfare 2’s close-up Highrise map.

Supremacy DLC map: Parliament

Enjoy a scenic view of the Palace of Westminster as you and a bunch of exoskeleton-wearing cretins fight to control a medium-sized cargo ship floating on the Thames.

Supremacy DLC map: Kremlin

Push down three lanes across Red Square, duck into buildings for cover, and do be careful about that minefield activating in the middle of the match.

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