PSVR 2 eye-tracking software means better performance and a longer lifespan

The PSVR 2 eye-tracking software will help amplify players’ senses and make development easier, according to a current virtual reality dev.

Speaking to Play Magazine, Brendan Walker, principal engineer at VR developer Polyarc, the team behind Moss 2, says foveated rendering – the technical term for eye-tracking – “can improve performance and increase fidelity.”

Walker explains that in VR that doesn’t use foveated rendering, developers are “actually wasting a lot of rendering horsepower and putting detail where there actually doesn’t need to be as much.” That’s because there’s only a “narrow window” that a human eye can focus on – the ‘focal point’ – but without eye-tracking software developers have been forced to render an entire scene in full, using resources on areas that players aren’t actually looking at.

That means that PSVR 2 games are likely to run better, which should free up resources for more ambitious projects. It also means that this new generation of VR could be around notably longer than those that have come before it. Walker goes into more detail about how eye-tracking software will ensure the longevity of PSVR 2 in years to come, declaring “it was smart of Sony to lean into this console because, you know, you have this hardware that hopefully is going to be around awhile. And in order to eke out as much lifetime out of it, you need to be able to optimize where you can.”

There’s still no word on when we’ll be able to explore this brave new world of virtual reality, but while we wait, here’s everything we know about the PSVR 2. 

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