Mass Effect Andromeda Remnant Decryption glyph puzzle solutions guide

The Mass Effect Andromeda Remnant decryption puzzles involve finding Monoliths and Vaults where you can find and place glyphs to proceed. Great if you love a good challenge but a bit of a bump in the road if you just want to do space stuff. That is arguably the point in Mass Effect: Andromeda (opens in new tab)‘s Although these Remnant decryption puzzles will see you filling a console grid with glyphs scanned from the surrounding area in a very Sudoku like pattern of avoiding repeats in each row or column. If you see a ? markers appear then you’ve also missed one of the required glyphs yet and need to keep scanning.

If , as we mentioned, you’d rather be meeting aliens than solving puzzles this guide will show you where to put all the glyphs so you can whizz through them all and carry on with the rest of the game. Each Mass Effect Andromeda Remnant decryption puzzle coming up is listed with its location, and mission it appears in if one, to help you track down the answers you need.

Eos Monolith – “A Better Beginning”


Eos Remnant Vault – “A Better Beginning”


Havarl – “Helping Havarl’s Scientists”


Havarl Remnant Vault – “A Dying Planet”


Havarl – Secret Fusion Mod of Adrenaline


Eos – “Task: A Ghost of Promise”


Eos – “Task: Data Trail”


Voeld – “Peebee: Secret Project”


Voeld North Monolith – “Restoring a World”


Voeld East Monolith – “Restoring a World”


Voeld West Monolith – “Restoring a World”


Voeld Remnant Vault


H-047C Remnant Tiller – “The Remnant Tiller”


Elaaden Derelict Ship – “Investigate Remnant Derelict”


Elaaden Remnant Monolith – “Taming a Desert”


Elaaden Remnant Vault – “Taming a Desert”

 Cannot override this console.

Kadara Remnant Monolith – “Healing Kadara’s Heart”


Kadara Remnant Vault – “Healing Kadara’s Heart”


Khi Tasira (Hidden Platform Beneath the City) – “The Journey to Meridian”

Cannot override this console.

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