Destiny – Xur weapons, armour, and location for February 27-March 1

Want to grab yourself some new Exotic weapons and armour in Destiny? Every Friday, Xur: Agent of the Nine shows up for a couple of days – starting from 9am UK, 4AM EST, and 1am PST – and the mysterious merchant will sell you these special items in exchange for Strange Coins and Motes of Light.

Where is Xur today? You’ll find him in the Tower Hangar next to the balcony. And what Exotic goodies is he flogging this week? Find out below:

Exotic weapons and armour:

The Armamentarium (Exotic Titan chest armour) – 13 Strange Coins
ATS/8 ARACHNID (Exotic Hunter helmet) – 13 Strange Coins
Starfire Protocol (Exotic Warlock chest armour) – 13 Strange Coins
SUROS Regime (Exotic auto rifle) – 13 Strange CoinsExotic Shard – 7 Strange CoinsExotic Engram (Chest armour) – 23 Motes of Light

Exotic Weapon and Armour upgrades:

Weapons: Red Death, The Last Word, Plan C, Thunderlord, Super Good Advice, Gjallarhorn

Armour: Mask of the Third Man, Crest of Alpha Lupi (Hunter), Helm of Saint-14, Crest Of Alpha Lupi (Titan), Light Beyond Nemesis, Sunbreakers

Not sure what to invest in? If it’s not already in your vault, SUROS Regime is the stand out offering. Lauded as the best auto rifle in the entire game, this is one not to miss.

Don’t forget that Xur is gone by 9am UK, 4am EST, and 1am PST on Sunday April 12th.

In other news, Bungie has confirmed even more features coming in update 1.1.2 and one of them is exceptionally important for those who keep accidentally deleting their weapons. “One recurring story we keep seeing involves Legendary and Exotic gear getting accidentally dismantled by errant pets and over enthusiastic children,” says UI engineer Daniel Hanson on Bungie’s site (opens in new tab). “We decided to empower players to protect their precious gear with Item Locking”

Locking means nothing can be dismantled and it’s just a matter of highlighting an item and clicking down with the right thumb stick. This will then be safe from any of these ‘errant pets’ until you unlock it again in the same manner.

Also in the update will be the ability to show off your fabulous headgear while back at the Tower. You’ll be able to toggle whether you want to be running around wearing your helmet on or off in the Settings menu.

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