Wreckateer announced for Kinect

Microsoft had a handful of unannounced titles that were on display at last week’s Spring Showcase, one of them being Wreckateer, a physics-based destruction game by Iron Galaxy for Kinect. Like Angry Birds but in a 3D space, players must step forward and use arm motions to load the ballista and step back to aim and fire. Once the projectile goes flying, quick hand motions can help guide cannonball to the ideal target.

The goal in Wreckateer is to demolish as much of the goblin-infested castles across 60 levels using an arsenal of magical projectiles. Some explode on impact, some will spread wings, which then allows the player to spread his or her arms and glide ball in mid-air.

High scores from friends will be displayed at the top of the screen but the competition can also take place in the living room with two player turn-based multiplayer.

Wreckateer’s release date has not been set but look for it to show up on Xbox Live Arcade this spring.

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