Weekend Spent: Sept 29-30 – What are you playing?

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Darren: This weekend is all about whittling down my pile of shame. Between the likes of Skyrim, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and Crysis 2, there’s quite a few titles with which I’d like to get some more game time. I’m also looking to resume my latest playthrough of Half-Life 2, having recently dusted it off following a nostalgia kick – it’s my all-time favourite FPS, and I’ve not played it for far too long. A game crime, sure, yet having some time between playthroughs has allowed me to see it again with almost fresh eyes. There’s parts I’d long forgotten, parts that have me scratching my chin as I seek out the solution that I’d last used… what, five years ago? Has it really been that long? Blimey. Sorry, Gordon.

Cundy: Started Pokemon White Version 2 this week. Inevitably I will spend my Saturday/Sunday wandering about in tall grass and making jokes about ‘going to the gym’ that no one will understand apart from me. I will also be attempting to find any differences between FIFA 12 and FIFA 13.

Justin: Sega just sent me NiGHTS into Dreams HD, so that’s my entire weekend sorted out! Although I am concerned it looks like analogue control’s been taken out… we’ll see. If I get the chance, there will also be more F1 2012 online, which is brilliant. Plus, having now finished Resident Evil Code: Veronica, my girlfriend and I have restarted our old copy of Silent Hill: Homecoming. We’ll see if it holds our attention this time.

Henry: I’ve finally returned to the US after having a grand old time in Japan. While I slowly battle my jet lag with sporadic boughts of sleep, I’ll be playing Bayonetta. I bought it when it first came out, but never got around to playing it until this weekend. Why now? After being extremely impressed by Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance at Tokyo Game Show, I needed to play something else from Platinum games to tide me over till Revengeance’s February release.

Sterling: I’m diving into the old school and checking out some digital games this weekend for review. Like Justin, I’ll be tackling NiGHTS into Dreams HD, and then shifting gears into Worms Revolution, a new spin on an old classic. Somewhere in there, I’ll be popping in FIFA 13 to check out Match of the Week and see if Juventus-Roma is there for me to rewrite history before Saturday’s game kicks off. And, if there’s any time after that, there’s a certain game I can’t talk about yet that we have that I’m very curious to test drive…

Sophia: I’ve been playing some Torchlight II recently so I may jump back into that over the weekend. I’m waiting for my copy of Sleeping Dogs, which should be arriving soon. I want to know what all the fuss is about when it comes to pork buns.

Tom: The nice thing about getting comp tickets for being bumped from a flight is that they become really easy to waste, especially when they’re about to expire. Case in point: On Saturday, I’m flying to Georgia for no real reason other than I’ve never been to Georgia. I expect to eat my weight in peaches. Alas, video games will likely not be played.

Brian: It’s back to what seems to be a never ending search for the perfect apartment. Outside of that, it’s time to hunker down and finish Darksiders 2. If I’m feeling lucky, I may do some Diablo 3 Act 3 farming runs.

Lucas: Much “panda,” “mist,” and “of” action abound in my near future, as I wrap up the review on World of Warcraft’s latest expansion. I realized today that I still haven’t played Sleeping Dogs, and desperately want to–but before that, I need to finish Mass Effect 3. The chances of that all that happening, be it this weekend or any weekend soon, are hella slim.

Cooper: Now that I’ve finished Resident Evil 6 (check back Monday for the review) it’s time to move onto other games that I can’t talk about yet but I’m really excited to play. Oh, and I’m sure I’ll spend a few hours digging through FTL and trying to finish more zones in Guild Wars 2.

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