Warner Bros hire a writer for Justice League movie

Having seen The Avengers breaking box-office records left right and centre for Marvel Studios, it was only a matter of time before Warner Bros. rallied their DC heroes for a similar outing, with news emerging that a writer has been hired to begin work on a Justice League script.

Variety reports that Gangster Squad scribe Will Beall has been tapped to get things moving on their potential super team-up, with the project having stalled back in 2008 during the writers’ strike.

A Justice League movie would see Batman, Superman and Green Lantern teaming up to face the forces of evil, although how exactly that would practically take shape remains to be seen.

Unlike Marvel’s grand plan for The Avenger s , DC’s superheroes are all at different stages of their on-screen development, with Batman winding down, Superman just getting started and Green Lantern stuck in limbo, after Ryan Reynolds’ disappointing outing as Hal Jordan. Perhaps all three will be recast to create a new, standalone franchise…

Meanwhile, supporting players The Flash and Wonder Woman are also thought to have individual movies at the script-writing stage, suggesting Warner are clearly keen to make the most of the properties they have at their disposal. Looks like spandex-clad summers won’t be disappearing for a good while yet…

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