The Walking Dead iOS release date announced

Telltale Gamesannounced today (opens in new tab)that their highly popular reimagining of The Walking Dead television series/graphic novel will be coming to iOS devices very soon. According to a new blog post on Telltale’s website, it will be hitting the App Store this Thursday, July 26 at a cost of $4.99.

The Walking Dead: The Game has already seen amazing success on consoles and PC. It was one of the fastest-selling games in XBLA history when it launched on that platform in April, holding the #1 spot for two weeks (and only being dethroned by the juggernaut that is Minecraft.) The first episode alone sold over one million copies (opens in new tab) in just twenty days. Episode 2 (opens in new tab) is also said to have been very successful as well.

We’ll have to wait and see how well the iOS version does, but we predict it will sell ridiculously well. Not great. Not amazing. Ridiculous. This game seems like it will work great on iOS, and it’s also branded on an extremely hot IP that has lots of crossover with tech-savvy iPhone users. It will also likely get support from Apple as one of the games of the week, getting it high visibility in front of millions of potential customers. And of course, it’s got zombies, which will likely lead to tons of great word-of-mouth.

Moreover, the customers they reach on the iPhone are largely different from the ones who have already purchased it on PC, PSN, or XBLA. It seems like it has a chance to do extremely well with that half-interested-in-gaming crowd the iPhone has become famous for. And also because, y’know, it’s awesome (opens in new tab).

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