Vote For The Films You Want To See At SFX Weekender 3

Like last year, we’re letting you determine what gets screened (and don’t you just love a headline that sounds like it’s been written by Dr Seuss?)

One of the defining elements of any SFX Weekender is the delightfully random selection of film screenings on offer. Last year we let you help us make the final choices, and if the rapt and rowdy audiences for Scott Pilgrim and Galaxy Quest were anything to go by, you did good. It was also immense fun catching Highlander on a big screen too for the first time in years, even if the viewing experience wasn’t kind to some of the not-very-effectively hidden wires. It didn’t matter that most people had seen the films before; there’s something special about watching your favourite SF films in the company of other fans. It’s all about the bonding.

In fact, it all went so well, we’re enlisting your help again. Because people power is good, and we’re all too lazy to make the decisions.

As with last year, we can’t have a free-for-all vote because there are certain restrictions on what we can screen. So we’ve drawn up five shortlists of films for you to choose from, and the winning film from each of the five categories will be shown at SFX Weekender 3 .

And because the SFX Team Choice category caused such an entertaining sense of competition in the office last year (leading to resentment and grudges that will last through various lifetimes and reincarnations) it’s back this year (and once again, Russell doesn’t seem to understand that he’s supposed to choose a film that might actually win).

So, what are you waiting for? Get voting!

And if you haven’t bought your tickets yet, why not? Click here for more info (opens in new tab) !

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