SSX to release on February 14; new trailer is the awesomest thing to ever awesome

EA has released a new trailer for SSX, showing off some of the most insane action we’ve seen yet, and some camera angles that get us more excited than camera angles in videogames often do. Seriously. They also finally date the game for 2012, promising that it will land the jump on February 14 – right in time to give the one you love a copy for Valentines day.

EA’s reboot of the series may have started off on shaky ground, but with every trailer that involves snowboarders doing triple-flips over helicopters while an avalanche crushes down we forget that SSX: Deadly Descent (as it was originally named) was going to be a realistic survival snowboarding game. They’ve done a good job with damage control, and we’re happy to see the game turn from something we had no interest in to something we can’t wait for.

That said, we’re more than happy to wait for it. A February release distances SSX from the hectic holiday season, which is fantastic news for gamers’ wallets, the developers, and the series as a whole. EA has a history of bringing out risky titles during the holidays and then acting surprised when they don’t succeed, something we’re happy to see them moving away from. Hopefully in February, while the northern half of the country is covered in snow, gamers will be ready for some cold, cold SSX action.

Oct 20, 2011

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