Voice actor says hes working on Resident Evil 6

A regular gaming voice-actor may have inadvertently confirmed that Capcom is working on Resident Evil 6 via the tried-and-tested means of the premature resume entry. Joe Cappelletti, whose work as “various voices” you may’ve heard in anything from Modern Warfare 3 to Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground, had a role in the title listed on his website until earlier today. But Siliconera wisely snapped a pic of the listing, incriminatory numbering and all.

If you choose to believe Cappelletti (and what reason would he have to lie to you?), it wouldn’t be the first hint that RE6 is a go at Capcom. After the release of RE5, Capcom’s Keiji Inafune stated the company would like to move onto the sixth instalment “as soon as possible,” while producer Masachika Kawata has confirmed the title is at least in the planning stages and that Capcom is planning “a complete renovation with the next entry on every level.” Kawata’s other big zombies-and-paranoia title, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, is due for release in March of next year.

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