Vengeance pack adds Black Ops 2 competitive and Zombies maps

The third map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 answers a question that’s never far from our thoughts: what is paintball like in the Call of Duty universe?

“Well, that’s Rush,” Miles Leslie answers in this video preview of Vengeance.

Vengeance features the standard four competitive maps, plus a new Zombies arena. Other than Rush’s paint-spattered inflatable arena (we can’t imagine it offers too much protection from bullets), Cove is a tropical island marked by canyons which lead to a central battlefield, Detour juxtaposes head-on collisions across a wrecked suspension bridge with multiple vertical levels, and Uplink remixes Black Ops’ Summit map.

Treyarch returns to Black Ops 2’s non-gangster survivors in Buried; the Western ghost town won’t be the only thing pushing up daisies if the four can’t escape its creepy, zombie-filled mine tunnels. The Ray Gun Mark II debuts in Buried, but it can be used in all other Zombies maps.

Vengeance will hit Xbox 360 first on July 2 for $15 or as part of the season pass, and will likely hit PC and PS3 about a month later.

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