Uncharted 3s final making-of video offers free history lesson

Naughty Dog has delivered the third and final behind-the-scenes video for Uncharted 3, starring the studio’s cinematic lead Taylor Kurosaki, and voice actors Nolan North (Nathan Drake) and Emily Rose (Elena Fisher). Assuming your brain still has room for Uncharted 3 stimuli after a week of playing the actual game, the video provides some historical context for Drake’s fictitious adventures as well as some insight as to where Naughty Dog dug up its inspiration.

It’s a little strange for a ‘Making-Of’ vignette to arrival one week after the game’s release, however it’s likely Naughty Dog held this one back so as to avoid giving away too much of Uncharted 3’s plot before players had a chance to discover it themselves. Also, a little more publicity for Nathan Drake before the barrage of Edler Scrolls, Saints Row, and Assassin’s Creed sequels never hurts. If you’re still curious about the game, check out GR’s review to learn how the Drake family name holds up in Nathan’s latest outing.

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