This is why the games you loved as a child are best left in the cupboard

Gamers love to get nostalgic for old games. But the danger of going back to the games we used to play as kids (if you were playing games in the early 80s, that is) is the inevitable crushing reality that they just aren’t as good as we remember them. Often they’re straight up pony. It hurts. But it’s the actual crap truth about old games from the Stupid Ages. It’s not funny. Only it is funny. Look here at the video that is the reason for all this preamble:

Yes. Old games are often best left as happy memories in your head. The sketch is from the actually very funny Limmy’s Show (opens in new tab), which goes out Thursday’s on BBC 2 Scotland. You can catch it on Sky (channel 990) and it’s also available on iPlayer. It’s definitely more fun than playing Jumping.

March 24, 2011

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