The Hobbit releases eighth TV spot: watch online now

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has loosed a new TV spot onto the internet.

The eighth in a series of half-minute teasers begins by reminding us where the franchise started, with an elderly Bilbo (Ian Holm), as we saw him in Lord Of The Rings , offering to tell Elijah Wood’s Frodo about his adventures.

From here on we see a youthful Mr Baggins (played by a pitch-perfect Martin Freeman) muddle his way through battles with fearsome trolls, ravenous wolves and everyone’s favourite ring fiend, Gollum (Andy Serkis).

While it offers nothing in the way of new surprises, it still managed to get our pulses racing with anticipation.

Watch the new spot below:

The awesome final shot of Gandalf (Ian McKellen) leaping, sword-in-hand, at the camera with wizened fury, feels like a premonition of how wait-weary fans will storm the box office on release day.

To paraphrase Boromir in The Fellowship Of The Ring , after eight, long, hobbit-less years, one does not simply walk into the multiplex.

Directed by Peter Jackson and co-starring Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen and Hugo Weaving, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will open in the UK on 13 December 2012.

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