The Hangover 3 will start filming in September

Despite a raft of lukewarm reviews and unfavourable comparisons with the original, The Hangover Part II grossed nearly $600 million worldwide, more than enough to convince Warner Bros that a second sequel is in order. And according to Bradley Cooper, that sequel could be along sooner rather than later.

Cooper appeared on The Graham Norton Show over the weekend, and told the host that filming could get started in the second half of 2012.

“I hope we’re going start shooting in September,” said Cooper. “I know Todd Phillips is working on the script. We adhered to the formula in the second one, [ and ] the third would close the trilogy.”

Intriguingly enough, Cooper thinks said formula might be discarded for round three. “I think it’ll take place in L.A. and not adhere to the structure,” he said. “It might be different.”

It might indeed, although having seen the second movie rack up a huge worldwide box office without deviating from the drunken-blur formula of the original, we’d be surprised if Warner sanctioned a significant change in direction.

That might spoil co-writer Craig Mazin’s plans, however, if we’re to believe the idea he ran by Collider earlier this year.

“I think the third movie ends with Doug staring at a row of crosses in a graveyard,” said Mazin. “It’s everyone – his wife, his family is dead, everybody from the first movie is dead. Somebody shows up and tells him his dog is dead.” Go on Warner, surprise us!

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