The Conjuring: exclusive poster

The Conjuring is the latest spooker from Saw and Insidious director James Wan, and we’ve got an exclusive look at the new poster for you.

Based on a real-life paranormal investigators, the Warrens (played here by Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson) are called to a Rhode Island farm to investigate some seriously sinister goings-on. The Ferron family are being tormented by a supernatural presence, which is where Ed and Lorraine Warren become involved.

The period trappings (the Warrens were active during the ‘70s and ‘80s) and the based-on-real-events angle make this a juicy prospect, and as the teaser trailer had its fair share of underpant-troubling moments, the film should be worth keeping an eye out for.

The Warrens have previous form when it comes to their investigations being given the movie treatment: The Amityville Horror was based on one of their cases.

Check out the exclusive poster below:

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[ Click on the poster to see it in hi-res ]

Here’s hoping that the film has the poster’s ominous vibe and subtle chill factor.

The Conjuring opens in the UK on 19 July 2013. For more information visit (opens in new tab) or follow (opens in new tab)

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