The Black Library Summer Of Reading Event

Looking back at July’s online celebration of Warhammer 40,000 stories

It’s that time of year when the sun beats down and moving becomes far too much effort. At such times, we all need something to read, and Black Library delivered with their annual Summer of Reading event, which saw them release a new ebook every day last week, kicking off with Ahriman: The Dead Oracle by John French. Each story was less than £2.50 and the authors were invited to comment on their work.

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The first in a new series picking up after last year’s Exile , The Dead Oracle is narrated by a new character named Ctesias, an ancient Space Marine and Thousand Son Sorcerer. French says that the story is “all about daemons… lots and lots of daemons.”

Tuesday’s story was Onyx , by Chris Wraight. Offering a glimpse into Ingvar’s time with the Deathwatch kill team, Onyx explores the squad’s first mission together, and Ingvar fans will find him different here. He’s “more of a Space Wolf, chafing at the bit to show his superiority,” Wraight explains.

Third in the series is Nick Kyme’s Devil’s Trappings , which enabled the writer to explore territory he was forced to leave out of 2011’s Nocturne. “Ever since the book was released, I wanted to write a story that explored the Marines Malevolent characters,” Nick reveals. “It answers the question, ‘What did happen to Lorkar and the other Marines Malevolent that left them so corrupted?'”

Season Of Shadows is a prelude to a new series of stories from former SFX Deputy Editor Guy Hayley. Set on the war-torn world of Armageddon, it sees Marshall Brusc of the Black Templars facing a deadly chase across the ash wastes.

The week drew to a close with Gallow’s Saint by David Annandale. Picking up shortly after Imperial Creed , Gallow’s Saint sees Sebastian Yarrick having to make difficult decisions as Commissar. “Sometimes the right decision is not the just one,” Annandale warns. This last one was released at just £1.99.

Aimed at newcomers to the Warhammer universe as well as existing fans, all five stories stand alone, and are available to read now at the official website .

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