Terminator 2 to get a 3D cinematic release for its 25th anniversary

The Terminator franchise returned to cinemas this year with the strangely titled Terminator: Genisys (read our review here (opens in new tab)), and while the film went on to take a solid $440 million at the global box office it was generally agreed that it didn’t come close to matching James Cameron’s earlier entries. Indeed, one of the film’s major criticisms was that it convoluted the franchise’s timeline so much that events which took place in Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day never happened.

Thankfully we can still relive those glory days any time we want, and The Hollywood Reporter (opens in new tab) have learned that in 2016 we’ll be able to rewatch Terminator 2: Judgement Day on the big screen in 3D! The re-release is in honour of the sci-fi film’s 25th anniversary and it still holds up remarkably well, not surprising considering the special effects were groundbreaking at the time of its initial release.

Not only will this be a great opportunity for those who have only ever seen the film on DVD or Blu-ray before to watch it as it was meant to be seen, but it could also inspire a new generation of fans. We approve!

Images: Paramount

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