Super Nintendo Revolution? GAMEBOi? Go ahead and add these to the list of fake game consoles we wish were real

It’s human nature to want what we can’t have. Like fake game consoles. They don’t exist and never will. But we want them. And we want them more than actual consoles that are real. Which is pretty messed up when you stop and think about it. But the really messed up thing is knowing that if a fake console became a genuine console that we could buy in a shop and put under our TV and play actual real games on, then we wouldn’t want it anymore. As soon as it became obtainable it would simultaneously cease to be as desirable. Human psychology is a complex business that I don’t fully understand. But that’s about the size of it.

Here are two new examples of fake consoles that in the realms of fantasy and unreality are amazing and that we inevitably wish were real. First up is the Super Nintendo Revolution, which is a concept dreamed up by the dreamers from a blog called Claymanblog. This is a picture of the Super Nintendo Revolution:

Above: The thing you are looking at is not a real thing

Aesthetically it retains the design of the original SNES, has wireless controllers and games would be downloaded from Nintendo’s site for free. As the creators of this concept acknowledge, emulation already means that if anyone really wants to play SNES games for free, they can. But still, let’s not let that fact get in the way of some healthy nostalgia.

From Claymanblog I was directed towards another fake console. This one appeared a couple of weeks ago on the blog of German designer Patrick Staudt. It’s called the GAMEBOi and it’s a very sexy re-imagining of what the original Game Boy might look like if it was designed by Apple. Look:

Above: Even though it looks convincing, this thing is also not a real thing

If this was made into an actual thing I would strongly consider purchasing it with money. Or at the very least I’d make a concerted effort to blag one for completely free.

That’s how much I want it.

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