Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time treasure locations guide

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time brought back many thing from the franchise’s past, including treasures. You can pickpocket guards for petty trinkets and a bit of cash, but the real coin comes from finding these treasures – 12 in each world.

Collect all 12 in a given world, and you’ll repair that stage’s arcade machine in the hideout, unlocking a nice minigame diversion. Whether or not you play said arcade machine is up to you, but we’re here to guide you to all 60 of the game’s treasures nonetheless.

A few notes before we begin…

1. When a treasure is picked up, you have a limited time to get it back to the hideout. This time ranges from 10 seconds to over minute. While there are “optimum routes” for returning the hideout, we recommend just making a beeline there. It’s possible to even screw up an “optimum route” and still make it back in time – it happened to us a few times.

2. You must also avoid getting hit by guards while carrying the treasure, or it will reset. Falling into water does not reset the treasure, but it will slow you down greatly.

3. We highly recommend purchasing the Paraglider and Rail Sprint abilities from ThiefNet. These will make retrieving treasures and returning to the hideout much easier.

4. Many treasures require you to use Sly’s various costumes. You’ll have to finish the game, or at least unlock all five costumes, before you can get every treasure.



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