Halo 4: enemies are “definitely not Covenant,” Cortana goes berserk

Master Chief has a brand new breed of trouble on his hands. According to the trailer just shown by Microsoft at E3, Earth’s mightiest Spartan will be fighting some enemies that are definitely not Covenant, and “definitely not organic.”

It looks like this new enemy isn’t the only artificial form of life giving the Master Chief trouble. Voice-over by Cortana declared that the AI assistant was nearing her expiration date.

“AIs deteriorate after seven years,” she declared, noting that she had been active for eight. This is followed by footage of her going berserk.

The trailer also revealed new weapons in the Cheif’s arsenal, including a self-assembling nano-tech rifle and an infrared vision that highlights enemies.

This story is still breaking, so check back in the coming minutes for more Halo 4 at E3 news.

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