Shinobi 3DS gameplay trailer has all the right moves

Shinobi 3DS, Griptonite’s reboot of Sega’s classic ninja platformer series, is still on track for its revised November release date. From the looks of this new gameplay trailer, Griptonite appears to have been spending the extra time watching videos of the series-defining Genesis titles on double-speed – then making sure the new game plays like that, all the time.

Past Shinobi re-launches – notably Overworks’ third-person PS2 slasher – attempted to update the series with all manners of futuristic trappings and perspective-shifts. But Griptonite’s keeping things old-school, as evidenced by this trailer – which highlights a wealth of maneuvers, all of them lifted wholesale from the series’ heyday. The game also eschews touch-screen controls, leaving 3DS players no alternative but to prepare for a good old-fashioned dose of Sega Wrist. Think it’ll be worth the strain?

Sep 8, 2011

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