SHIELD Audience Grows To 15.8 Million

Once Nielsen takes recorded viewing into account, Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD ‘s US figures swell considerably

Viewing data for DVR/PVR recordings for the new TV season came in over the weekend, reports Variety , and top newcomer Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD has done very well indeed.

According to Nielsen’s estimates, which measure time-shifted playback for three days after a program’s initial telecast, Joss Whedon’s new show swelled to be the number one US show for Monday and Tuesday. In terms of total viewers, SHIELD grew from about 12.1 million to 15.8 million once this data was taken into account. NCIS was still ahead of it with 23.45 million viewers after DVR data.

A very positive start though! Be sure to read our full review of the pilot episode . To celebrate further, here’s a video for a flying foam Iron Man figure.

It’s from EB Brands; it’s remote controlled, costs about $70 and can fly up to 200 feet.

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