See Sonys Gamescom 2014 press conference live, right here

Sony’s Gamescom 2014 press conference is going to kick off in just over 24 hours (that’s 6pm BST/10am PDT on Tuesday, the 12th of August, in case you’re not reading this exactly as I’m writing it. Which you probably aren’t). Will it be a big deal? Why yes it will be a big deal. With the PS4’s momentum ever-increasing, this will be a pivotal year for Sony to cement its new-gen lead at the grand forum of international showboating that is Gamescom.

To that end, expect a fat, yet healthy, and really rather delicious array of game announcements, initiatives, and maybe the odd hardware surprise or two. Sony always makes an effort at the German show, traditionally its forum for price-cuts and new console models. A new-style PS4? One with a bigger hard-drive? Sexy new bundles at tasty new prices? All of these things are possible, to varying degrees. If you’re currently standing on the edge of the next-gen pool, eager to get your toes wet but waiting for the right excuse, this could be a big show.

What definitely will be there though, is games. After using GC to really go in-depth on its indie strategy last year, you can bet we’ll see a second wave of that stuff, with a particular emphasis on British-developed No Man’s Sky, following its show-stopping appearance at E3. We’ll be getting AAA too, with new games no doubt shown off for the first time, and real, meaty detail on some of those only glanced over in LA a couple of months ago. So join us, why don’t you? Myself and Justin will be over there, and while we can’t squeeze you into our suitcases, we can furnish you with a livestream. Where is that? It’s right here. Or it will be. Come back to this very page at the allotted time, and all the wonders of Sony’s Gamescom show will readily be yours.

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