Screenwriter Roberto Orci discusses Star Trek 2

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J.J. Abrams’ awesome-looking Super 8 is out later this year, but what of the equally exciting prospect of Star Trek 2 ?

While Abrams is busy finishing up Super 8 , Trek 2 co-writer Roberto Orci has offered an update on the project, revealing a 70+ page outline for the sequel is ready for J.J.’s attention.

“Just been waiting for J.J. to be free to really decide if he likes the story and hear his suggestions before we finish the script,” Orci tells TrekMovie .

“Once he says go, we’ll have it in no time. Meanwhile, our outline is detailed enough (70+ pages!) to do some prep.”

Understantably, Orci still wouldn’t be drawn on the plot details of the sci-fi sequel – especially as Abrams still hasn’t approved the treatment.

Still, it’s promising to hear that Trek 2 hasn’t been forgotten about. We can’t wait to find out what Orci and Abrams have in store.

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