Scans from Skyrims manual appear online

Here’s a treat for Elder Scrolls fans eager to get straight to the gameplay on launch: an extensive set of glimpses at the Xbox 360 version of the Skyrim’s manual. With the document’s lucky owner knowing that speed is a virtue when leaking material from a game as anticipated as Skyrim, there’s no time for fancy hi-res scans: peruse these hazy snapshots and let your eye-strain become part of the illicit thrill.

Today’s manuals are a bare-bones affair compared to the bygone glory days of over-explanation. So you might not learn too much from these pics that you won’t have already learned from a combination of reading the previews, knowing the series, and having a good head on your shoulders for basic common sense. Still, if you just can’t wait until Nov 11 to know for sure which button triggers Sneak mode (don’t worry, it’s still L3), then these shots might just make your week. And you can find the rest here.

Oct 11, 2011

Source: Imgur

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