Volitions giving away the Saints Row you never got to play

Saints Row Undercover was forgotten in a utility closet (opens in new tab) one week and a streaming sensation in the next, all thanks to a Volition employee looking for new stuff to share with the community. Now you can snag your own copy of the canceled PSP game over on Unseen64 (opens in new tab). Even if you don’t want to bother with installing an emulator (opens in new tab), it’s still a cool piece of almost-forgotten history to have on your hard drive.

Saints Row Undercover was originally planned as a PSP version of Saints Row 2. It was eventually reworked into a sequel starring an undercover cop who infiltrates the now-fragmented Saints, working with established characters like Pierce – but not the strangely absent Boss, who must have been in another coma or something – to take down rogue factions of the gang. Volition’s stream went from from extremely limited character creation to janky open-world shenanigans, and you can check it all out below.

Emulating console games is usually murky legal territory. But Volition and Deep Silver are giving the Undercover prototype away free and clear, so you should be 100-percent good to go in this case. Hopefully exploring the glitchy, condensed streets of Stilwater will keep you busy until Volition reveals what it has planned for the Saints Row series next.

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