Saints Row: The Third boasts 2 million beaten to death with giant purple sex toy

After weeks of seeing companies brag about the millions of consoles sold and copies of games shipped, we’re tired. We’ve been overloaded with stats to the point of losing interest, but sometimes a number comes along that involves a huge dildo and it’s difficult to ignore. Today we found out (among other interesting statistics) that two million digital people have been beaten to death in Saints Row: The Third with the Penetrator aka the giant purple dildo bat.

Among other stats for the title, 5.8 billion have died in combined playthroughs of the game, 44 million have been killed in Whored Mode, and most random of all, 650 people dressed as hot dogs have been burned to death. If the game can rack up numbers like those in just two weeks, it probably bodes well for the game’s success. And if you want to keep track of similar numbers, some new community features have been added to (opens in new tab).

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