Russian Avengers trailer reveals new footage

A new trailer for The Avengers has landed online.

OK, so it’s in Russian, but there’s still plenty of superhero goodness to enjoy if you don’t mind a bit of Russian dubbing.

There’s not a whole lot of new footage, though eagle-eyed Avengers obsessives will spot a few little treats littered throughout.

Basically, if you’re as obsessed with seeing The Avengers as we are, this’ll provide a little relief ahead of the four-month wait until the film’s release.

Check it out below:

And, if you’re not averse to spoilers, read on…

Toy manufacturers have a way of spoiling big superhero movies, with figurines often revealing key characters before the movie marketing does (how many times are we going to see Spider-Man ‘s Lizard in toy-form before we get a glimpse of the real thing?)

Well, according to MovieWeb , the HeroClix line of Avengers toys may have given away another of the film’s big baddies.

According to a press release, Thor and Captain America will be battling Loki and… the Red Skull.

The scarlet-visaged Nazi evaporated at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger , so depending on where he ended up, it’s quite possible he could be coming back (did he get teleported to Asgard?)

Or, is it merely a ploy by the toy company to make it a more fairly matched fight between heroes and villains? Hugo Weaving has never officially been linked to The Avengers , so it’s all speculation at the moment.

The Avengers opens on 27 April 2012.

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