REMINDER: SFXs online reviews have a new home

Find the SFX and Total Film verdicts on the latest films and books on GamesRadar from November (and TV reviews from this week!)

In around a month’s time and will be teaming up with to create a one-stop entertainment site for all your film, TV and gaming needs. This means that from mid-November SFX and Total Film ’s mighty reviews are making the leap to GamesRadar. And our Doctor Who and The Walking Dead episode reviews will be there even sooner so you can take a look!

Reviews are a cornerstone of what SFX does. Every Friday (or the minute an embargo breaks in some cases) we upload reviews of the latest film releases, along with major book or comic reviews. And we know that you like it when we do weekly TV reviews for shows such as Doctor Who , The Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones . This won’t change when we move to GamesRadar . In fact, we’ll be stepping up our game, doing more TV reviews than you’ve seen recently – and of course combining forces with Total Film to fill the film channel on GamesRadar with enough reviews to have you seeing stars. If you enjoy reading the reviews in SFX and Total Film , you’ll still see the same names at our new, combined site.

All of Total Film ’s review back catalogue will be available from launch, along with a selection of SFX ’s most popular TV reviews. Later this week we’ll start cross posting our Doctor Who and The Walking Dead reviews on and, so you can see what the future of SFX ’s online reviews looks like… in short, much nicer, especially on a smartphone! We’d love for you to join us and please do let us have your feedback .

P.S. SFX and Total Film print and digital magazines remain completely unaffected by the changes online. Look out for SFX 254 , in shops and on your iPad now!

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