Exposed! The bizarre, mutant pig-people who live in Forza Horizon 2

Hey you guuuuuuuys!

A disclaimer. Forza Horizon 2 is a brilliant game (opens in new tab), and thoroughly deserves the praise it gets in our review. A second disclaimer. No, no-one on GamesRadar could make a better game than the talented folks at Turn 10, so we mean no offence by what follows. Ok, now that’s all done and dusted… let’s talk about pig-men!

To be fair, Forza Horizon 2 actually has some pretty decent crowds. Much better than the paper-thin models of Forza 5 anyway. But thats only when you view them up close and theyre fully loaded in. Get far enough away and zoom the camera and these hip young festival goers morph into shovel-handed, Predator-mouthed horrors. Here are the finest freaks from Forza Horizon 2.


Hey were those guys never mind

He said whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Im the king of the steps!

Troys superglue prank was getting old

Always be cautious when approaching large groups

Maybe theyll accept me if I dance around this pole

Organisers were thrilled Mrs Thumb-Guy could attend

Theyre judging you so hard right now

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