Remedy: Dont judge the upcoming XBLA Alan Wake by its platform

Remedy has urged fans not judge its upcoming Alan Wake sequel until they know more about the title. Engaging in a forum discussion (opens in new tab) with players worried the XBLA title wouldn’t offer the AAA experience associated with the Alan Wake brand after last year’s eagerly-anticipated debut, the developer cautioned fans not to assume too much.

Above: Flashlights? Let’s go out on a limb and say the new game will have ’em

“You’re assuming a lot based on the platform [the new game (opens in new tab)] is on,” a rep cautioned skeptics: “wait for the official announcement before making up your mind.” Mikko Rautalahti, one of the series’ writers, stressed no official info could be given, but advised patience: “I think I can say without any hyperbole that we’ve definitely got you covered on [the value for money] front. Of course it’s still up to you whether you like it, but maybe you’d like to, y’know, see something about the game before you pronounce it horrible?”

Both were immediately taken for emergency tutoring in How The Internet Works. Hopefully they’ll have completed their education by the time of the Spike TV’s VGAs, when the game will be officially announced.

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