Prototype 2 achievement and trophy guide

There’s a lot of work for James Heller to do around the city. Nabbing all single story and side mission-related achievement can take a while, but you should be able to do nearly everything during your first playthrough. Skill-based achievements are quite prominent in Prototype 2 as well, so we’ve whipped up just as many screens, videos, and descriptions to guide you through each and every one.

All Growed Up


Fully upgraded Heller

This achievement requires you to reach Heller’s maximum evolution level, which is 23, and acquire all 46 upgrades. Even if you collect all collectibles and do all side quests, you’ll still need to start a new game + to get enough experience to reach level 23.

All Together Now


10 or more kills with a single Black Hole attack

A Black Hole attack is executed by equipping your Tendrils and holding down the attack button. The best places to pull this off are inside a lair, on a crowded sidewalk, or Red Zone’s central park.

Anger Management


Destroyed 5 vehicles using a Finisher

Before this can be pulled off, you’ll need to progress the main story far enough to unlock the ability to use upgrade points on Finishers. Once you do, simply mount a vehicle by getting near it an pressing B/Circle, then Y/Triangle to finish it.

Arcade Action


Karate kicked a helicopter

Very simple. Unequip any weapons, get fairly close to a chopper while airborne, and hold X/Square. Heller will karate kick the chopper.

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