Once Upon A Time Casts Its New [Spoiler For UK-Pace Viewers]

Right, depending on how spoilerphobic you are, and where you’re up to with Once Upon A Time , you can decide whether to move onto paragraph two after we say: if you’re watching at UK pace, there’s a character introduced in a few weeks’ time (in episode 19) who will be coming back as a recurring character in season three, but played by somebody else. Right, we’ve given you as much info as we can (and we don’t think the pic of the guy is giving away much… except that the character’s male) so now the choice is yours.

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That character is Robin Hood, and in season two he was played by Miranda ’s Tom Ellis. Ellis, however, proved unavailable for season three, and so now the producers have cast former Grange Hill pupil Sean Maguire (he was “Tegs” Ratcliffe).

An actor who’s rarely been out of work (he was in 63 episodes of EastEnders , Dangerfield and Death In Paradise ) he also no stranger to fantasy… though his credits in this respect aren’t exactly A-List ( Meet The Spartans , Krod Mandoon And The Flaming Sword Of Fire ).

“Although we love Tom Ellis, unfortunately he wasn’t available,” series co-creator Adam Horowitz told TVLine . “We remain huge fans of his, but because we have an arc planned for the character, we had to move forward.”

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