New director and writer for The Crow reboot

Looks like things are up and running once more on the long-awaited remake of gothic classic The Crow , with a new director and screenwriter reportedly in talks to join the oft-delayed project.

F. Javier Gutierrez is the man being tapped to fill the director’s chair, having previously worked on fantasy crime drama Before The Fall . He will likely be joined by scribe Jesse Wigutow, who recently rewrote The Osterman Weekend for Summit Entertainment.

Not exactly household names then, but Relativity Media will just be pleased to have the project back on the rails again, having been entangled in a lawsuit with the Weinstein company over the rights to the character.

Yesterday saw an end to that particular dispute, with the two parties electing to settle out of court, and the green light given to Relativity to continue apace with their reinvention of the avenging undead rock-star.

With a new director and writer on the brink of signing on, hopefully we should soon get some idea of the direction the new film will take before the casting rumours start afresh. So long as Bradley Cooper isn’t in the title role (as was once rumoured), we’ll give it a chance…

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