Xbox One Store reveals Need For Speed release date and features

After the announcement of an all new “full reboot” of Need For Speed (opens in new tab) last week, it appears that the Xbox One Store (opens in new tab)might have revealed the release date of November the 11th for our return to the fast-paced franchise. While this might be a placeholder for now, it doesn’t seem unlikely that the racer will add to the November roster of games running up to Christmas.

Miraculously, the post doesn’t just reveal the date but also a slew of gameplay features. There will apparently be “5 unique ways to play and win” and there will be “multiple overlapping stories” as you gain reputation to become the ultimate racing icon. Speed, Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw will be the game modes available in a “West Coast Urban Setting.” See the full details below.

Here’s the official teaser trailer.

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