Modern Warfare 3 footage debuts in new trailer

If there’s one thing May has brought us, it’s a conclusive end to the statute of limitations for using War On Terror-inspired imagery to sell games. Doubters need look no further than the newly-debuted trailer for Modern Warfare 3, which drops viewers into a war torn New York before embarking on a whirlwind tour of the game’s worldwide urban locales.

The trailer – the public’s first look at the game – shows an emphasis on inner-city combat, showing that chunks of major cities such as New York and Paris have been painstakingly modeled within the game, and every bit as painstakingly had the shit smashed out of them for artistic effect. It must’ve been somewhat restrictive only being allowed to use places with an “E” in their name for that nifty “Trail3r Montag3” effect, but you know, is anyone really clamoring to see pitched gun battles in Austin or Stockholm? 3xactly.

Above: America, f*ck yeah?

What do you think of this footage? Are you pumped for Modern Warfare 3, or have you moved on from the series?

May 23, 2011

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