EAT Studios shares the indie love with XBLIG Companion app

EAT Studios has released a free Windows Phone 7 app aimed at helping Xbox Live Indie Games enthusiasts get the most out of the service. XBLIG Companion provides a live feed of new content added to the XBLIG database, and lets you browse the full catalog’s worth of game info, screens and download options. There’s also a series of “Picks” lists collated by notable developers, bloggers and the like.

The release of the app (not to mention the heavy lifting done by EAT Studios itself) continues a string of good news for Xbox-owning indie fans in 2012. Earlier this year, an Xbox 360 dashboard revision brought XBLIG back to prominence within the console frontend, improving the accessibility options once bemoaned by indie fans. EAT promises iOS and Android versions of the XBLIG Companion will be forthcoming shortly; in the meantime, Windows Phone 7 users can download it now for free.

[Update: Thanks to @davevoyles for clarifying that Microsoft didn’t work with EAT on developing or promoting this app.]

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