Lost Planet 3 thermal post locations guide

Thermal posts are tasked to be set up around the world of EDN III to not only harvest the rich TEnergy found on the planet, but also provide you with an ever-abundant amount of free money. Once they’re fully functional and syphoning T-Eng around the clock, you can check in regularly and fill your wallet. Finding them can be a bit of a pint however, as aside from a faint locator, you’re not giving any indication where they’re found on EDN III. Luckily, we’re here to designate and show you where all 6 posts are to be placed.

Thermal Post #1: White Canyon Junction/Diaz Canyon

This is the easiest post you’re tasked to arrange since it’s pivotal to push the beginning plot forward. This post will also be what opens the mission to set up the remaining five, so if you fail at this… We don’t know what to tell you!

Thermal Post #2: Shackleton Peak

Just down from Dr. Roman’s area in Shackleton Peak, there’s a pipe that prevents your Rig from going any further, but your zip-line allows you to zip across to a cave full of Akrid eggs. Make your way around, and then place the post for your second money maker.

Thermal Post #3: Bishop’s Wake

As your crossing through the tight confines of Bishop’s Wake, be sure to look out for a winch lock-on prompt. When you’re connected, zip-line over and take care of the Akrid army closing in on you. Once they’re handled, place the post and know you’re officially halfway there!

Thermal Post #4: The Killing Fields

Another ‘winch-required’ post is found in the Killing Fields. To the east is a small area of land that’s begging for you to explore. As soon as your winch is in place, zip-line out and you’ll know you’re where you need to be; your detector will be off the charts. Place the post, and head back into your Rig, you’re nearly done.

Thermal Post #5: Picket’s Folly

From the offshoot cave location on the map, use your magnetic hook to ascend and land next to an audio log. As you listen to Dr. Shea’s log, head to the back of the cave minding the nest and explosive eggs. Place the post, and prepare for your final fast travel.

Thermal Post #6: Bailey’s Crossing

First thing you’ll come across once you reach Bailey’s Crossing is a giant crab Akrid. Defeat him then head into a tunnel to the south and proceed into an ‘arena’ like area and deal with the carious Akrids found within. Head to the back of the small area to place the sixth, and final, thermal post.

Congratulations, you’ve just earned Master Planter achievement/trophy, as well as a bevy of spots to earn ever-flowing cash.

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